Master your nervousness or master the defense of your final thesis with an overview

Everyone’s a little nervous. It is not so much visible to someone, another seems to drop on the spot. In any case, you need to be able to work with your nervousness. Not only does it have a negative impact on your health, it can also help you to defend your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

But if you want to get rid of your fright, we have a bad news for you. She will never get rid of her and she will always scare you a little. However, if you control it, you can use it to your advantage. Nervousness is not only an unpleasant feeling, but also an engine that drives to better results. So let’s see how nervousness can be controlled. But don’t be discouraged, it’s a long-distance run, but the result is worth it.

Evaluate the situation

Nervousness works well if you know how you are doing. In the defense of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis you will most likely be helped by the opinions of your supervisor and opponent. If the average rating of both reviews is better than E, you can be calm. Often, the jury will improve this mark or keep it. In such a case, it is enough to prepare yourself for the defense – and you have won.

However, if the average assessment of opinions is based on E, you should devote enough time to the defense and do not underestimate anything. However, if the jury sees your efforts, you do not have to worry about sinking you for the defense.

Get ready for the worst

Once you have assessed the situation, prepare all possible scenarios. But don’t overdo it and be realistic. You can basically leave four different results since the defense. In the first case you will improve the mark, the same will remain in the second, the third will be a little worse and the last case will be the worst – not defending the final thesis.

The first three results are all right and you can rejoice that you have done it. In the latter case, you only sign up for the next defense, usually in the fall. Meanwhile, you will improve your work and prepare yourself better. Which really is nothing terrible. In addition, the student’s status remains. However, if you have previously extended your studies, the school may charge you. But these are not so high at most faculties that you can’t cope with them.

Try it clean

Try the advocacy of the so-called clean-up: with the audience and several times. Ask your roommates, friends, classmates or parents. At least you show them what you’re doing. In addition, you can improve your presentation each time you try. And at the same time you will start to believe.

Get a rescue card

The notes card will help you when you get stuck in the defense, or if you get some important information.

Its mere existence and the ability to look at it, if needed, can have a positive effect on your psyche. However, do not rely on the rescue card, you should use it only in the highest need.

Think about what the jury might ask

Perhaps the most frightening final questions to defend. Thanks to them, the jury will verify your knowledge.

However, you can prepare questions in advance. First, think about what the jury might be most interested in regarding your work. Also answer the basic concepts of the topic. Although the judges usually know their interpretation, they want to make sure that you really understand the topic.

Some reviewers also suggest questions that should be answered during the defense. Be sure to check the report and prepare questions.

Remove everything you don’t understand from the presentation

If you are unsure about something, do not talk about it in defense. What’s more, don’t include it in your presentation. In all probability, the jury will ask you, and you will not know the answer.

Don’t underestimate yourself

If you’ve come to the defense, there’s probably something in you. Not everyone is successful at the end. So you believe you have it.

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